Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cafe St. Eustace

After my blog post about St. Eustace, I was suggested to go to the bar dedicated to him called Cafe St. Eustace. This is one of the more upscale/popular bars in Rome, if not the most, in relation to coffee. It is also very unique from other bars. They are very secretive about how they make all their different types of coffee. They do not show their hands or anything behind the big cafe machines. When you order, they just go behind, and you can tell they are making your cafe, or cappuccino or whatever it is you ordered, but you have no idea how they are making it, or what it is exactly they are using and doing back there. But whatever they do, they do it right. I was skeptical about how good the coffee would taste, because sometimes I think businesses use things like this as a way to improve income, but I was wrong in my assumption. The cafe latte I ordered tasted fresh, and hit the spot perfectly. It was a nice way to get a little caffeine in order to avoid the temptation of an afternoon nap.

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