Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busy Cafes

I went into a the cafe connected to the Tabacchi right near my appartment this morning to try to notice something different the coffee culture. Instead of trying to fit in and worrying about how I looked and if I was acting like a true Roman while going through the cafe experience, I decided to just oder and then take my time, sit back, and view the scene. I noticed a few different things. First of all, as with all the bars around, it seems like there are people who go to the same place every morning at about the same time. These people appear to have a friendly almost join relationship with those who work behind the counter. You can tell that they serve in the order they want, not always necessarily first come first serve, especially with Americans.

I also noticed that grabbing a cup of coffee here is almost just as fast paced in the morning as it is in America. The Romans come in, not necessarily in a rush, but you can tell they have their mind set on a further destination. They still stand at the bar for little, but they finish their coffee quick and get on their way. This differs form American culture where many drive or walk with their coffee, and keep it at their desk at work or counter at home for some time slowly drinking it throughout part of the morning.

There is one last thing that these observations triggered me to notice. IF you go into a cafe in the afternoon or late morning, I have seen ore than a few people or a simple cafe (shot of espresso), literally finish it within 45 seconds, and be on there way. It seems a quick midday jolt is what many Romans need to keep the day going after their lunch or on a short break.

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