Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Three Churches Description

The first church on the walk was my favorite one, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. This church is the only gothic church in Rome, both in architecture and style. There are noticeably more skulls and crossbones and art of that sort throughout the church. They also use a lot of dark marble which is very appealing. The next church is the Pantheon, one of the more famous ones throughout the city. It used to be a pagan temple and was converted by the Catholic church. It has an open dome in the middle, so when it rains, it actually rains inside the church which I think is pretty cool. Nobody knows how the formed their concrete to build the church because it has been standing much longer than normal concrete would allow. The next church is St. Eustachio. In medieval times, many charitable brotherhoods elected St. Eustachio as their patron and had chapel there. The Romanesque bell tower is one of the few surviving remains of the medieval church. St Eustachio's life story is very interesting, and is in a previous blog I posted.

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