Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cappuchin Crypt

One place of interest we visited as a class was the Cappuchin Crypt. I will give you directions to here from Termini, and then a brief description of what it is.

Go out of the station and head straight until you hit Via del Uiminale and make a left here. Piazza del Repubblica will be on your right. After you pass Teatro dell' Opera on your right, make a right onto Via Agostino. Continue on and pass San Carlo Quatro Fontane on your right, and the street name here will change to this. Continue until you hit Piazza Barbarinni. Then go up Via Vittoria Veneto and the crypt will be along the corner of the curve on your right.

The crypt is one of the most intriguing places I've been so far. The monks here arranged all different kinds of human bones into amazing patterns and designs completely filling the crypt. No pictures can be taken here, but it doesn't even matter because yuo could not capture this feeling or sight with a camera. The humble music they lay in the crypt completely adds to the affect they are trying to give you.

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