Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MY bar

So after a few weeks of going to the same bar right near my appartment I would say about 3 times a week, I can tell I'm getting noticed and remembered. When I would first go in there, they would serve people before me who came in after me that it seemed they knew. Now, if I go in there, I am looked at quite promptly and asked what I would like. Now I continuously order and talk in Italian while there, which I can tell they appreciate. On their menu, the price for a cappuccino is listed at 1.30, and I have definitely been charged that before. But today, when I put 1.50 on the table, she gave me .50 back. I let her keep this as a tip, and she thankfully said, "Grazie." So it seems, and I noticed after this, that they will charge a little less for customers they know/appreciate. It seems I have fully submerged myself into the somewhat complex Italian coffee culture, and I am happy about that.

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