Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guided Walk, Three Churches

This guided walk will take you to three significant churches very close together in the heart of Rome. It would be a great way to dedicate a small chunk of time to see three beautiful churches, and get a cup of the best coffee and a slice of the best pizza during a stay in Rome.

We will start our walk where we attend school at Piazza de Collegio Romano. Walk east down Via Pie della Marmo . Along this street there is my favorite pizza place, it's the best I've been to and i can't stop going back. Then bear right on Villa de Santa Caterina where my favorite church is on your right, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. After exiting the church, take a right and walk alongside The Pantheon, our second church on the journey. When exiting the Pantheon, take a direct left on to Salita de Crescenzi where on your right where be the church of St. Eustachio. In this piazza, one of the most cafes I've previously blogged about is here, Cafe St. Eustachio, so i recommend stopping there at some point.

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